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Get Unstuck… Remove Limitations… Activate Your Wings… and Soar

“Andrea’s delivery is so engaging and funny too. She held our attention with her creativity, her knowledge and the unique way she delivered the information. I walked away with lots of takeaways and things that I could implement right away.”


Andrea, known as the Life Discovery Expert, captivates audiences with her message to help women rediscover their goals, dreams and aspirations, capitalize on their current skills, talents and gifts and take the necessary steps to TRANSFORM their lives.


Highly respected as an engaging, motivating and genuine speaker, Andrea speaks directly to the heart of her audience, taking them through a process that quickly moves them from information and inspiration to activation and implementation.


Through her warm yet dynamic style, Andrea teaches her audiences using compelling yet informative stories. This provides them with valuable takeaways they can use to immediately impact their lives. She combines her unique journey of self re-discovery, her knowledge of the transformation process and her spiritual wisdom… to help women around the world get unstuck, remove limitations, activate their wings and soar into their destiny.


Signature Topics:

  • How to Emerge from a Painful past and execute your next level of greatness

  • The Journey Back to You

  • So Happy Being Me

  • When Destiny Calls

  • Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life


“Andrea had my attention from the start. Not only did I learn a lot and walk away with deliverables I could use right away, I had a good time and laughed quite a bit too”  


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